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Welcome to New Muslims Lancashire, a website created to provide New Muslims or anyone wanting to know more about Islam access to Islamic Scholars, and converts to Islam living in your local area.


The aim of this website is not to give you an Islamic education but to act as a signpost to people who can.


The website will give you access to Scholars, Converts to the Islamic faith, and, Islamic events in and around your local area.


The website will also give you an insight into the journey of a convert Muslim via convert stories and carefully selected videos.

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Islam is a complete way of life which integrates profound religious practices and spirituality into everyday life and events.


The Imam of the Mosque is a source of spiritual and ritual guidance, it is important to find a Scholar who possesses the experience and knowledge to support the needs of new Muslims.



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In a recent study (to be published here soon) new Muslims highlighted their most supportive factor at different stages of their conversion process (Pre and Post conversion) was and is other converts.


Having contact with other Muslim converts allows a social support system which will help reduce anxiety and other concerns which come with major life changes.

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