Welcome to New Muslims Lancashire, a website created to provide new Muslims (or anyone wanting to know more about Islam) access to Islamic Scholars, and Muslim converts living in the towns and cities of Lancashire. There are many websites available that offer Islamic guidance however it is very important that the growing number of Muslim converts seek out guidance from able Scholars who will teach and guide you through the spiritually and intellectually profound religion that is Islam.

New Muslims

"There is no compulsion in religion." - Qur'an Surah 2 verse 256

Over the past decade there has been a steady increase in individuals accepting Islam as their guiding faith. Converts to the religion of Islam currently represent nearly 10% of the Muslim population in Britain. Testimonies from those who have converted to Islam highlight that sometimes it can take a moment's reflection, and, other times it can take many years of deliberation before one decides to embrace Islam, but, once the journey begins it brings with it a sense of belonging, peace and tranquillity in recognising your Lord Creator and ones purpose in life.

New Muslims

"He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed; And He is the Exalted in Might, oft-Forgiving." - Qur'an Surah 67 Verse 2

However, transition to an Islamic way of life can be very challenging; this experience can become a cause for concern, especially without the correct guidance and support. A recent convert study (soon to be published here) highlighted that some of the issues faced by individuals new to Islam is detachment from old lifestyles, and, isolation from family and friends who are not happy with the convert's new way of life.

Furthermore, the new way of life will introduce Muslim converts to people from a different culture and background to their own. Converts to Islam have highlighted that cultural and linguistic differences can make communication with the existing Muslim community a major barrier in attaining Islamic education. The lack of access to English speaking, and culturally sensitive Scholars can lead to confusion, frustration and anxiety for the new Muslim.

New Muslims

"And, behold, with every hardship comes ease" - Qur'an Surah 94 Verse 5

The unique aim of this website is to give New Muslims access to English speaking and culturally sensitive Scholars in local areas of Lancashire. This website will also give new Muslims access to other converts in local areas as access to other converts who are ready to share their experiences can be a major source of support for new Muslims.

An additional feature of this website is to provide information on Islamic events, and classes taking place in local areas of Lancashire. This website will also provide an introduction to contemporary Islamic Scholars and thinkers who are serving the religion and followers of Islam in the West.

It is hoped that this website will work as a signpost for New Muslims to get the support and guidance that they are looking for. In sha Allah.